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Will HatchettEditor

William Hatchett
Telephone: 020 7827 5908
Email: w.hatchett@cieh.org


Art Editor 

Jon Heal
Telephone: 020 7827 5827
Email: j.heal@cieh.org  

Production Manager 

Mick Sharp
Telephone: 020 7827 6304

Advertising Sales Executive 

Paul Prior
Telephone: 020 7827 9929
Email: p.prior@cieh.org  

Magazine Subscriptions 

Telephone: 020 7827 5900

Membership Details / Address Change 

Telephone: 020 7928 6006
Email: membership@cieh.org  

Articles published in the magazine represent the views of the authors which are not necessarily those of their employers. They may be reproduced only with the permissions of the CIEH and with acknowledgements to the magazine. The CIEH does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of statements made by its contributors or advertisers. The contents of this magazine are the copyright of CIEH, but do not necessarily represent its views. Contributions and letters to the editor are welcome. 

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