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Editorial Policy


This is a public document available to all readers of EHN whether or not they are members of the CIEH or subscribers. It applies to all print and online content associated with the magazine, whether relating to editorial or advertising content.

Readers are referred to the contacts below for the clarification of any points, or the resolution of disputes.

  1. EHN’s job is to report on the work of the CIEH and on the interests, issues and factors affecting or influencing those who work to set policy, guide, direct and deliver environmental health in all its aspects and settings.
  2. The magazine has a specific interest in highlighting the impact of the work of environmental health practitioners on improvements to health, safety and wellbeing of the population and in reflecting contemporary or historical political, social and professional developments which affect their work.
  3. EHN will support the work of the CIEH and its Royal Charter object ‘to promote for the public benefit the theory and science of environmental health in all its aspects and the dissemination of knowledge about environmental health.’
  4. News stories will aim to be impartial, balanced and legally compliant. We will be courteous and respond promptly to reader queries or complaints. Readers, where appropriate, will be made aware of the complaints procedure (see point 11).
  5. Editorial and first-person think pieces published in print or online may express personal opinions, but will always be reasonable in tone. This also applies to any blogs, Tweets or forum postings credited to EHN. Online material will fully comply with the requirements of any moderation policies and, for staff, CIEH policies on computer use.
  6. The magazine provides a medium for discussion and debate in the environmental health community which will be encouraged and facilitated.
  7. Whilst maintaining readability the magazine will aim to always be scrupulously accurate and consistent in its use of technical and scientific terms.
  8. EHN in responding to commercial opportunities will not compromise its editorial integrity or quality. Articles must justify their inclusion in terms of their relevance to the terms of reference of the magazine (as defined by points 1 - 3 above). If an article is run in return for payment in the editorial section of the magazine, it will be clearly flagged as an advertisement feature.
  9. EHN (print and online) will be guided by industry standard advertising codes (for example see link below). The inclusion of a product or service for advertising purposes does not imply that it is endorsed by the CIEH.
  10. EHN is not responsible for the content of external websites. The inclusion of a link to third-party website from EHN should not be understood as an endorsement.
  11. If any reader feels that any content of EHN magazine or its email newsletter or website does not comply with this policy and the matter cannot be dealt with by the Editor or Publisher, they are encouraged to contact the chair of the Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) whose responsibilities cover all print and digital output across the EHN platforms. A written response will be sent within 28 days.

Editor, EHN
William Hatchett
Tel: 0207 827 5908
Email: w.hatchett@cieh.org 

Publisher, EHN
Anne Godfrey, Chief Executive, CIEH
Tel: 0207 928 6006
Email: t.keen@cieh.org  

Chair of Editorial Advisory Board
Andy Statham, Chair, CIEH Board of Trustees
Tel: 01636 655520
Email: andy.statham@nsdc.info




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