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KFC without hot water fined £100,000

Stuart Spear08/06/2016 - 13:56

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KFC in Pontypool
KFC in Pontypool

The fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken has been fined £100,000 after its Pontypool branch was found guilty of operating without hot water.

Torfaen County Borough Council prosecuted KFC for three offences following an inspection in My 2015 when an EHO found that the water supply had been waiting for repair over 10 days. The inspecting EHO found a number of other cleaning issues.

KFC immediately voluntarily closed the premises until the hot water boiler had been repaired and to allow deep cleaning to take place. It was awarded a food hygiene score of ‘4’ when a full re-inspection was carried out in September 2015.

The court heard that since 2014 KFC has had cleanliness issues with the restaurant and while KFC immediately responded, this Yo Yo effect should have been eradicated. KFC now has new management and procedures in place.

District Judge Richard Williams fined KFC £100,000. The Company pleaded guilty to three food hygiene offences at the earliest opportunity. These related to failing to ensure there were facilities for cleaning, failing to provide hot and cold running water and failing to keep the premises clean.

Judge Williams said: ‘In accordance with the sentencing guidelines there was medium culpability and concedes harm in category 2.  The company have a £50 million turnover. It greatly exceeds the threshold in the guidelines and it means you can move outside of them. The organisation operates 890 restaurants. It is a very large organisation. It is out of character and does it best to maintain standards.’

Commenting on the case, Gwyneira Clarke, executive member - housing, planning and public protection said: ‘It is particularly disappointing that a company such as KFC (GB) Ltd could make such a basic food hygiene error over a period of 10 days, without realising that they needed to act to protect the safety of their customers.

‘However, we recognise that KFC (GB) Ltd have worked positively with our Officers since this matter was brought to their attention, and the re-inspection we carried out following this incident showed that they had significantly improved.’



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