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CIEH to establish new ‘Air Quality Panel’

Stuart Spear21/12/2016 - 16:16

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Cars are main source of pollution
Cars are main source of pollution

The CIEH is inviting its members to join a new Air Quality Panel tasked with influencing government policy around combating air pollution.   

The panel will be at the vanguard of a new CIEH approach to using its members to help raise the charity’s profile and help set future policy positions across a range of environmental health disciplines.

Air quality has been chosen as the subject area for the first panel in a bid to address what has in recent years become a public health issue of increasing public concern.

Between 5 and ten CIEH members are being invited to join the panel to help influence decision makers, politicians and the general public in the field of environmental health and air quality.   

Panel members will bring practical front-line experience to the fore when it comes to establishing CIEH policy and setting out how to best influence change. EHPs from local government, the private sector and academia are all invited to join.

Debbie Wood, CIEH’s new director responsible for membership and policy, said that there is no strict criteria as to who can sit on the panel.

‘Our membership is full of professionals with a wealth of skills and knowledge. We recognise that this has often gone untapped in the past and in setting up this new panel, we want to work in a new direction, giving our members a direct input into CIEH’s policy positions and how we go on to use them to campaign and shape the national agenda,’ said Ms Wood.

‘You can be an academic, a local authority-based officer or an air quality consultant in the private sector, it really doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that you have skills and knowledge of air quality in relation to environmental protection, you are enthusiastic about the issue and you can help CIEH say something that is unique in what is becoming a very crowded space.’

Anyone interested in joining CIEH’s new Air Quality Panel should complete this short online survey

Members who cannot commit to being on a panel and non-members with an interest in air quality are also being asked to complete the survey so that CIEH can capture as many views as possible when it comes to establishing an Air Quality Community made up of people who share a professional interest in shaping the national air quality agenda.

Responses will be collated and reviewed by Ms Wood and Tony Lewis, CIEH head of policy, with results provisionally being announced in the New Year.

CIEH is also jointly hosting an event on air quality with the London Sustainability Exchange to discuss NICE’s guidance on reducing theill-effects of outdoor air pollution on health.

The event is taking place at CIEH’s offices in Chadwick Court on the evening of 16 January 2017 and book you tickets here.

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