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CIEH launches Brexit panel

Wiliam Hatchett01/06/2017 - 12:35

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Ten-member panel will consider Brexit
Ten-member panel will consider Brexit

CIEH’s Brexit expert advisory panel met this week for the first time at Chadwick Court.

The ten-member panel is drawn from a range of sectors and specialisms crossing food, health and safety, port health, the commercial and independent sectors, Northern Ireland and academia.

Tony Lewis, CIEH head of policy, said: ‘This was a very positive and successful meeting with many impressive contributions, not just from the regulatory side of the profession but from a representative cross-section.

‘The first tangible outcome will be a comprehensive policy statement on Brexit and its impact and opportunities for environmental health which will be delivered by the autumn, but there will be many others.’

Mr Lewis said that the panel cements a move to ‘bottom up’ policy making from CIEH. He added: ‘It’s becoming clear that there is very little in environmental health that won’t be affected by our leaving Europe, not just in Ireland where colleagues may be affected by the imposition of stricter border controls between north and south, but in a galaxy of other ways.’

He added that, over the coming weeks, the panel would help to inform CIEH campaigns, position statements and events, identify partners and research needs and decide who needs to be lobbied and what messages to give to then. It would soon recruit a high-profile chair to ensure it has visibility and influence.

He commented: ‘It will be important to ensure that environmental and public health are not harmed when we Brexit, but, also, that we take advantage of any new freedoms and opportunities that may arise. The work of the group will be vital to that.’


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