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Asda massive fine for pest control failings

Stuart Spear07/09/2017 - 10:45

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EHOs found live and dead mice
EHOs found live and dead mice

The Bromborough branch of Asda stores has been fined £700,000 following prosecution by Wirral council after EHOs found live mice and droppings in its bakery department.

EHOs visited the store following a tip off on 28 October 2015 of a potential pest control issue.

During the inspection officers found evidence of mouse droppings under shelving, under a water cooler below metal storage cages and on the bottom of a cooling rack.

Officers also saw a live mouse on cooling trays in the bakery and mouse droppings next to a cookie posing a direct risk to food safety. Checking the pest control logs there was also evidence of mouse activity since September.

The store agreed to voluntarily close the in store bakery and EHOs provided advice on disinfection and cleaning.

EHOs returning the following day found a live mouse stuck on a sticky trap and a dead mouse in the store’s warehouse along with more droppings.

Despite the bakery being allowed to reopen on 30 October returning EHOs found further evidence of mouse droppings at the bottom of a cooling rack below a tray of finger roles on November 5.

Asda pleaded guilty to two offences of contravening regulation 19 of the Food Safety and Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013, by failing to comply with certain of the provisions of the European Community Regulations 852/2004.

The company was fined £700,000 with £34,856 costs plus £170 victim surcharge. Sentencing district judge Wendy Lloyd said that Asda’s slow response following the initial inspection was ‘bewilderingly inadequate’.

An Asda spokesperson said: ‘Our customers rightly expect our stores to be cleaned and maintained to the highest standards and we are deeply sorry that in October 2015 the strict processes we have in place failed in the Bromborough store.

‘Our customers can be assured that immediate steps were taken to address the causes at the time and that our high standards have been restored.’




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