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CIEH announces an end to EHRB

William Hatchett22/03/2018 - 13:18

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CIEH chief executive Anne Godfrey
CIEH chief executive Anne Godfrey

A new blueprint for professional development in environmental health has been announced by CIEH.

The radical proposals, which have been approved by the CIEH board, will see registration with the environmental health registration board (EHRB) replaced by the completion of a new two-year chartered environmental health practitioner programme, as the gateway to professional practice. The chartered EHP programme will launch in September 2018.

Under the proposals it will be possible to progress to chartered status through apprenticeships and professional qualifications in subjects allied to environmental health, as well as the current degree route, thus greatly broadening access to the profession.

Anne Godfrey, chief executive of CIEH, said: ‘There are many reasons why this change is needed now. The landscape in which environmental health operates has altered profoundly. Apprenticeships are attracting significant funding and interest from industrial and professional sectors. We are also seeing the introduction of new technical qualifications, T-levels, and the increasing digitisation of further education. Most importantly, the current route to professional qualification is not working, causing a bottleneck in the creation of new practitioners. This step change will not only ensure that environmental health remains relevant but will allow it to prosper across all three sectors. I commend the CIEH board for having had the imagination and foresight to approve this bold step.’

Ms Godfrey said that the announcement is the result of several years’ work, culminating with the recent learning review, benefitting from the input of multiple stakeholders. It complements CIEH’s new membership pathways and professional standards.

She commented: ‘The building blocks for the CIEH of the future are now in place. Instead of “registration for life” we will now have a modern approach, reflecting the practice of other chartered professional bodies. The new routes and pathways will provide meaningful professional development and give government, the public and business confidence that our practitioners are fully equipped to meet the needs of changing world, whatever sector they work in.’

She explained that, unlike for EHRB, the register of chartered EHPs will be managed and dynamic.

She added: ‘Members, understandably, will have lots of questions. We will be communicating the changes with all of our stakeholders over the next few months, working with the Learning and Qualifications Advisory Group. There is a lot of supporting information online (see below) and our membership team should be able to answer any questions that you have.’

The new programme and EHRB will run in parallel for a two-year period. All existing students and graduates will be able to access the chartered practitioner programme. They can also choose to pursue the EHRB certification of registration if they are able to complete all of the elements by June 2020. In the long term, it is intended to roll out the chartered practitioner programme internationally, through a network of accredited universities

Dawn Welham, CIEH president, said: ‘I see this development as a logical step. It will ensure that we move with the times, creating an inclusive and dynamic organisation that allows for the breadth and depth we need as a profession to be able to deliver for our communities. I personally welcome them and look forward to seeing the changes come on stream.’  

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1223 days ago
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It is a shame the CIEH did not fully consult its members on such a radical change. It is great that the CIEH is taking steps to increase its subscription membership base, however I believe scrapping the EHRB certificate as the gateway to becoming an qualified EHP is regrettable. Shouldn’t chartership be something that we aim and strive for post qualification as EHPs? With the scrapping of the EHRB certificate this new proposal seems to suggest becoming charted will be the new baseline for competence among EHPs.

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