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CIEH shows steady progress

William Hatchett07/06/2018 - 14:44

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Annual Review
Annual Review

The annual review for 2017 reveals that CIEH has achieved an expanded membership base, with the highest number of paying members for a decade, as well as an improved structure for professional development and growing visibility.

Dawn Welham, CIEH president, comments in the review: ‘This is an ideal time for us as a profession to stand up, be counted, and work with regulators to shape the future. For the first time, we have started to shout as a profession. In the last year, we have campaigned visibly on some of the vital issues affecting the UK, from plastics to diesel, from housing to salt, and we have demonstrated the credible voice of our profession.’ 

The review reports that CIEH’s new governance structure is now bedding in. A new membership pathway and professional standards and competency frameworks have been put in place, preparing the ground, this year, for the launch of a new two-year Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner Programme, which is set to be the benchmark of professionalism in environmental health.

The re-launched CIEH  Excellence Awards, set to be repeated this year, got off to a strong start and CIEH launched an ambitious external affairs strategy, aimed at increasing its influence with key decision makers and raising brand recognition. CIEH improved its presence on social media, achieving 11,000 followers across every channel, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

On the professional services front, advisory panels were set up for housing, air quality, food, and health and safety, and CIEH engaged with the government on vital issues including Regulating Our Future, air quality and Brexit.

Anne Godfrey, CIEH chief executive, comments in the review: ‘This year, having made hard but imperative changes across the organisation, we have laid strong foundations and been able to  start building. We are now in a position in which we can properly serve our members, our communities and the entire environmental health profession.’

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