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Pet sale ban won’t help councils find illegal sellers

Katie Coyne27/09/2018 - 22:18

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Breeders who dumped puppies prosecuted
Breeders who dumped puppies prosecuted

A ban on third party sales of puppies and kittens won’t help local authorities identify sellers operating illegally, says one local authority.

The government has announced plans to ban commercial third-party sellers over concerns over poor animal welfare compared to when people buy directly from a breeder.

The consultation into the changes has already closed.

Animals sold by third parties can often be separated very early from their mothers and face multiple journeys and new, strange environments. Canterbury City Council recently closed down an illegal dog breeder after they dumped dead puppies in a country lane.

A spokesperson welcomed the ban but said: ‘Anything that makes life easier for environmental health officers to protect animals and take action against unscrupulous operators has to be welcomed.

‘However, the real challenge will come in knowing these third party sellers even exist as they operate underground, free from scrutiny and often free from any qualms about the welfare of the kittens and puppies in their care.

‘With limited resources, all we can do is to react to complaints from the public when we receive them.

‘Making everybody, especially those in the market for buying puppies and kittens, aware of the legislation and where to report their concerns will be key.’

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