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English housing court ‘fairer’

Katie Coyne22/11/2018 - 13:37

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Hope that housing court will be 'fairer'
Hope that housing court will be 'fairer'

A special housing court for England has been proposed by the government to help resolve disputes more speedily between landlords and tenants.

Communities secretary James Brokenshire MP unveiled the housing court proposal and said it would help both tenants and landlords and create a fairer housing market.

Under the proposals the court could reduce the need for multiple court hearings in different courts and ensure cases were more streamlined and resolved quickly.

There is concern that because of the complexity of the current system, tenants are put off from taking action against rogue landlords and fearful of retaliatory evictions during what can be a very lengthy process.

Brokenshire said: ‘This is particularly important for families and vulnerable tenants who live with the fear of suddenly being forced to move, or fear eviction if they complain about problems with their home.

‘It is also important for landlords who, in a minority of cases, struggle to get their property back when they have reason to do so.’

The government said this would provide more confidence to landlords so that they could offer longer, more secure tenancies knowing that they could regain possession if they need needed to. 

The government is consulting on the housing court proposal and seeking views from people who have used courts and tribunal services in property cases.

Other measures include requiring all landlords, like agents, to join a redress scheme; ensuring letting agents are members of a client money protection scheme; and banning letting fees and capping tenancy deposits.

A consultation among the judiciary on whether to introduce a housing court was carried out last year.

The consultation closes at 11.45pm on 22 January 2019.


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