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Grassroots to have more say

Andrew Hamadanian01/07/2011 - 14:00

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A new assembly of elected representatives will give CIEH members the ability to directly influence CIEH policy, Graham Jukes has announced.

As part of CIEH governance changes, an Assembly of Repre­sentatives made up of 32 elected members will be established in 2012. Each region and special interest group will be able to elect two representatives (subject to the numbers of members). Students will also be able to elect two representatives to the Assembly from the student community.

Graham Jukes, CIEH chief executive, who is spearheading the drive to modernise the organi­sation with a team of trustees,
said: ‘With over 10,000 members across the country and overseas, changing the CIEH’s governance structure is designed primarily to encourage greater grass-roots activity and participation by allowing members to have more say in decisions relating to the profession.’

Since the last changes nearly a decade ago, he added, the CIEH has become a more diverse membership community with more members in the private sector and working overseas.

Sharon Smith, strategic project director, is working with the team to bring together the changes and streamline decision making within the organisation.

Ms Smith said: ‘We are going through this process to make sure that the CIEH as an organisation is fit for purpose and more responsive and to put members at the heart of the decision making process.’

Other changes include making the board of trustees smaller and more streamlined with ten members. The chief responsibility for the trustees will be to continue to ensure that the CIEH meets its charitable obligations and commitments.

Three of the appointments will be made for their skills and expertise in specialist areas. Six of the trustees will be elected from and by the Assembly of Representatives.

For members wanting to contri­bute to the proposed changes, the CIEH has created a dedicated section on its website (About Us section).

Members will also have an opportunity to vote for a repre­sentative to sit on the Assembly of Representatives this September. Voting will be open to all members and will be conducted through
the CIEH’s members and trainers’ portal, MyCIEH.

CIEH members will be able to hear more about the changes at this year’s annual meeting on 21 July. The annual meeting is taking place at the CIEH’s London headquarters, 15 Hatfields, London SE1 8DJ and all members are encouraged to attend.

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