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Governance structure to be responsive

EHN Online29/07/2011 - 14:00

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The new CIEH governance structure will be smaller and more responsive, CIEH chief executive Graham Jukes told members at the annual meeting.

Mr Jukes said the smaller board of trustees and an Assembly of Representatives will go live in January, subject to approval by the CIEH council in September.

‘We will have a smaller, slimmer, far more responsive trustee body, which will be able to deal with the trustee issues,’ he said. ‘But it will also unlock a huge amount of knowledge, understanding and professionalism from our members into the Assembly of Representatives.’

The assembly will be made up of 32 elected members. Each region and special interest group will be able to elect two representatives (subject to number of members). Students will also be able to elect two representatives.

The chief responsibility for the trustees will be to continue to ensure the CIEH meets its charitable obligations and commitments. Three of the appointments will be made for their skills and expertise in specialist areas. Six of the trustees will be elected from and by the Assembly of Representatives.

Mr Jukes said it was the best annual meeting he had ever attended: ‘It is a good example of how we intend to run engagement activities in the future. My intent for next year is for the annual meeting to have something very similar but to combine it with an assembly meeting. This means you will be able to meet your representatives and actually debate what is worrying you and the profession.’

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