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CIEH helps to identify unqualified EHPs

Tom Wall02/05/2012 - 13:00

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The CIEH has had seven complaints
The CIEH has had seven complaints

Heads of service keen to check whether their staff are properly qualified and EHOs unsure about designatory letters have contacted the CIEH following a warning about unqualified practitioners.

The CIEH revealed last month that it is investigating four complaints against unqualified practitioners passing themselves off as EHPs or EHOs and three complaints against members using the incorrect CIEH designatory letters.

Jonathan Lewis, CIEH membership support officer, told EHN that he had taken calls from a number of heads of service and EHOs since EHN highlighted the problem.

‘There have been calls from heads of service asking if there is anywhere they can check their staff are qualified. We are always happy to help with these queries, but people may also be interested to know that there is in also a full list of all those who are qualified to work as EHOs or EHPs at www.ehrb.co.uk,’ said Mr Lewis.

He added that if EHPs want to check their membership status they can send an email to the membership team membership@cieh.org.

Mr Lewis said he had also been contacted by individuals who were confused about their status

‘Members and non-members have contacted us because they are worried about their professional or membership status. We have reassured a few people and been able to assist some others who missed a few steps when qualifying with the process of “late registration” for their Environmental Health Registration Board Certificates,’ he said.

Jon Buttolph, membership and professional standards officer, added: ‘We’ve been pleased with the response to the article. It’s clear that our members value their professional status and memberships – as indeed they should, because they have worked very hard to achieve and maintain them.

‘The CIEH has Royal Charter responsibilities to ensure that those who practice environmental health are properly trained. We are the gatekeeper for the EHO/EHP title as well as membership status and this aspect of our work is gaining greater recognition. We will help or take action where appropriate, but we rely on members to bring these matters to our attention.’

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Some institutions maintain public facing searchable lists of members e.g. http://www.lawsociety.org.uk/choosingandusing/findasolicitor/view=solsearch.law for the Law Society. Could EHRB or CIEH not do the same? Much easier than looking through long lists of names, indexed by year of qualification.

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