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Face closure unless hand hygiene covered

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Face closure unless hand hygiene covered
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Face closure unless hand hygiene covered

Food operators must have access to hot running water and soap wherever they are working with food or face closure if appropriate hand-washing facilities are unavailable.

“Mobile vendors and outdoor caterers need access to hand wash facilities on the go as cross-contamination is a real threat and safeguarding customers against bacteria is essential,” says Manty Stanley, managing director at TEAL.

“The guideline from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health is clear - ‘at food outlets where high risk foods are handled, alcohol-based hand gel/sanitiser must only be used as a supplement to a fully equipped wash hand basin’[1].

“This advice coupled with a report from the Health Protection Agency last year suggesting food, chopping boards and cleaning cloths tested from mobile and outdoor food vendors were contaminated with a range of bacteria, including E-Coli[2], just highlights why hand hygiene should be a top priority,” says Manty.

TEAL design and manufacture a range of portable hand wash units which require no access to mains water or plumbing.

This includes the Super Stallette – a practical and portable unit with a unique blue sensor that triggers a 10-second wash cycle - and the BigSynk® which has a large bowl making it suitable for arm washing too.

All units are available for purchase or hire and available for delivery across mainland UK within 24 hours.

For more information visit: www.tealwash.com; t: 0121 770 0593; email: enquiries@tealwash.com.

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