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When does Odour become a nuisance?

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When does Odour become a nuisance?
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When does odour become a nuisance?
Statutory authorities have to deal with odour complaints from a variety of industries and sectors under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (EPA 90).
Determining if odour nuisance has been caused is difficult and is usually subject to an individual’s perception. Olfactometry is the measurement of the strength/intensity of odours. Crestwood Environmental Limited (CEL) have been using a new, innovative olfactometer - the Nasal Ranger, which provides a scientific method for odour quantification. The olfactometer goes beyond sniff testing methods and allows measurement of odour as a ‘Dilution-to-Threshold’ with no fees associated with bag sampling and odour testing panels.
The Nasal Ranger allows the mixing of odorous air with odour-free air in a controlled ratio. Odorous air flows through orifices in the D/T Dial and odour-free air enters through carbon filters located on either side of the device. The mixed airflows enter the operator’s nose at a controlled flow rate similar to those obtained under laboratory conditions. The data from the independent monitoring exercise can be represented as a contour plot within Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and kept on an online database or as a pictorial report.
The Nasal Ranger has been recognised by the Environment Agency in their H4 Odour Guidance and they have purchased a number for use in the field.
CEL have undertaken odour monitoring surveys at many sites including landfills, bio-waste and sewage treatment works. The use of the
Nasal Ranger has proved a useful tool for CEL when working with site operators of operational facilities, statutory bodies and neighbours to be able to independently and scientifically quantify and report on the degree of odour and assist in the development and implementation of succesful mitigation strategies.
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