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New Temperature Logging System Steals the Limelight

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New Temperature Logging System Steals the Limelight
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New Temperature Logging System Steals the Limelight

A new system for testing and permanently recording food temperatures stole the limelight at this year’s big food and hospitality shows. UK manufacturer, TM Electronics, reports a surge of interest in its MM7000 Bluetooth Barcode Thermometer, as food and hospitality businesses struggle to prove due diligence on food safety.

Since exhibiting at Foodex and Hotelympia 2014, TME has seen a significant rise in orders, with particular interest coming from food retailers, food manufacturers – especially butchers and bakers – and restaurants.

New Alarm Feature

Businesses have been particularly impressed by the MM7000’s new alarm feature which allows users to programme all their instruments with critical temperature alarms, prompting them to take instant action on temperature failures, as well as providing an ongoing temperature log for proving due diligence.

How does it work?

The MM7000 uses barcodes to identify exactly which food item, appliance or temperature point has been tested – for example at each stage of a particular cooking process, as with HACCP. Each barcode can also be programmed with a Low and High alarm value. At each test, the thermometer scans the barcode, instantly displaying and recording the alarm if critical. It also records the temperature, time and date of each test, what has been tested and the unique serial number of the thermometer. Up to a 1000 tests can be stored before downloading via the inbuilt Bluetooth function and FREE open-source software included.

Why use Barcodes?

* Barcodes are flexible – apply labels to any food item, appliance, test point or ‘menu’.

* Barcodes are universal – easily generated using standard software and print fonts.

* Barcodes are 100% bespoke – more useful than arbitrary manufacturer-set categories.

* Barcodes are instant – faster than scrolling down a list of items to find what you want.

Who benefits?

* Food Manufacturing - identify and track critical temperatures during processing, including in-oven testing, to make spoilt batches a thing of the past.

* Supermarkets - an invaluable early warning of a failing cold store or rotisserie oven as well as tracking the actual temperature of every fresh or frozen food item on display.

* Restaurants - chefs and caterers can respond far more quickly to potentially unsafe food temperatures when taking deliveries, regenerating meals or during cooking.

MD, Tom Sensier: “Food and hospitality businesses continue to be some of the most regulated there are, so we’re not surprised the MM7000 is in the limelight. The practicality of barcodes matched with their potential for proving due diligence is now more readily accepted, and TME’s reputation for strong functional design is already proven. Put it all together and you have a truly modern temperature logging solution, performing head and shoulders above the rest.”

TM Electronics 01903 700651 sales@tmelectronics.co.uk www.tmelectronics.co.uk

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