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ANV - Noise Nuisance Recorder

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ANV - Noise Nuisance Recorder
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Deploying a Noise Nuisance Recorder has become the industry standard first response to noise nuisance complaints. Speed and Ease of Use are the key attributes required to help you to get the job done.

There is no quicker or easier to use Nuisance Recorder than the NNR-03:           

- Installation - the system is all connected and ready to go;
- Downloading - put SD™ card in your PC's card reader, copy the data onto your desktop or C: drive and then drag and drop the data into AS-60; and
- Reviewing your evidence - the data opens straight away into the AS-60 software where you can zoom in/out of the graphs and select and play audio recordings with 1 mouse click.
- Upgradeable and Versatile.

In addition to being able to upgrade the memory by simply buying a bigger memory card, you can add octaves and third octaves via Rion's simple system of loading the NX-42RT option from a card which fits in the meter's SD™ slot. The Rion NL-52 itself is a highly capable and versatile integrating logging sound level meter and the preferred instrument for environmental noise measurements of many UK noise professionals. All the practical accessories necessary for long-term noise measurements are available and realistically priced.

Training and Technical Support Free training at customers' premises (UK Mainland Locations) Helpful, knowledgeable and friendly support on the phone available during normal office hours.

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