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A first class reputation in achieving clean air

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A first class reputation in achieving clean air
Plasma Clean
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Plasma Clean was set up as a spin out from the University of Manchester. Various research programmes into the effect of non-thermal plasmas on chemical molecules and microbes resulted in the formation of Plasma Clean and the manufacture of their innovative products, leading the company to gain a first class reputation in managing and controlling smoke, grease and odour in the commercial sector.   

Dr David Glover, Co-founder and Managing Director of Plasma Clean, is a recognised industry expert in ventilation techniques, providing advice and manufacturing products to achieve clean air, not only in commercial kitchens but also in washrooms and waste storage and recycling areas.  

Plasma Clean’s diverse range includes components such as high efficiency coil filters, Techniclean UV filters and electrostatic precipitators; all designed for easy installation, having a small footprint and being incredibly energy efficient.    

 “Although our main focus is on kitchen ventilation products, we have also branched out into other areas, comments David. “Our Ambion ionizers are used for washroom applications to treat bad odours as opposed to just masking them. The products have been praised for their aesthetic designs, from the Ambion 15 (small units for washrooms) to the Ambion 100 (for waste storage rooms and recycling areas).” 

Plasma Clean offers training and advice to EHO’s to explain the grease, odour and smoke control solutions which are available, based on their own case studies. If you are currently working on a project that requires grease, odour and smoke control, their simple specification guide will help you to understand the correct approach -  http://www.plasma-clean.com/6-steps/ 

CHECK US OUT Plasma Clean Limited is a member of Building and Engineering Services Association (B&ES – formerly the Heating and Ventilation Contractors Association, HVCA). 

FIND OUT MORE If you’d like to know more about Plasma Clean then please go to our website: www.plasma-clean.com - where you will be able to find detailed information on all of our products. 

Call us today on 0161 443 4125 and let us explain how

Plasma Clean can help you. 

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