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Ceramiflo – A revolutionary change in water filtration

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Ceramiflo – A revolutionary change in water filtration
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Total Pool Filtration are delighted to be introducing the unique Ceramiflo filtration system to the UK market – a revolution in water treatment! 

  • Where traditional filtration methods - sand and glass - can typically filter to 5-7 microns with the use of a flocculant, the unique ceramic membrane technology within Ceramiflo filters as low as 1 micron, and can remove up to 100% of Cryptosporidium cysts in a single cycle!
  • The Ceramiflo filters are automatically backwashed whenever the back pressure rises. On a busy day this will be 3 or 4 times per day. Consequently very little fouling is left on the filter to react with chlorine and form smelly chlorine by products such as Tri Halo Methanes (THMs). After the bathing has finished the filters are automatically back washed so there is no fouling on the filter overnight. This has the additional benefit that the circulation rate can be reduced saving energy.
  • Ceramiflo filters are completely automatic and are continuously monitored over the internet, so there is no need for onsite staff to carry out back washes.
  • The cleaning of the filters is not the same as sand filters. The main cleaning is down by air being blown back through the membranes. Water is only used to flush the dirt off the surface. The water required is reduced by two thirds. It would be possible to put sufficient filtration for a small school or hydrotherapy pool in a broom cupboard.
  • The Ceramiflo filters are much smaller than sand filters so they are ideal for replacing inadequate high rate filters where there would not be sufficient room for the correct sized medium rate filters.
  • They are modular so they can be transported into even the smallest plant room through an ordinary door.
  • The membranes are made from silicon carbide which is completely resistant to all acids and bases. They have a lifetime guarantee.

The Ceramiflo system is being primary marketed for use within swimming pools, where it provides exceptional water quality and improved environmental health as far fewer water treatment chemicals are required.  However, the technology is highly adaptable, and Total Pool Filtration have plans to introduce it into other markets within the UK. This is a game changer for the water treatment industry.

For more Ceramiflo information or to make an enquiry please visit www.totalpoolfiltration.uk 

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