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Environmental Monitoring – Noise|Vibration|Dust 

With the advancements of the internet and the Cloud, technology has enabled the monitoring of noise, dust and vibration to be hassle-free, remote and 24/7.

Noise, vibration and dust emissions from construction sites and industrial facilities have always been a regular cause for complaints from the general public to local authorities. With ever stretched resources, it has become harder to manage these complaints in a timely manner and in line with expectations. However, our advanced environmental technology offers contractors the ideal solution to bridge the gap between the general public and construction activity.

By monitoring noise, vibration and dust on construction sites, projects are able to build better relationships with the communities close to the sites where emissions can be a problem. When the public know these factors are being monitored and regulated they are often more understanding of the situation and complaints drops.

Traditionally, environmental emissions are considered at the planning stages of a project and if deemed necessary, periodic monitoring is undertaken. This is often expensive and not always representative of site activities. With access to the Cloud, our environmental monitoring equipment delivers constant and reliable data direct to any remote device, that shows the whole picture of activity on site rather than the periodic manual data collection usually practiced.  Shared remote access to the emissions data benefits both contractor and environmental health officer in terms of time and cost.

Our internet enabled devices record the data in real-time and can be accessed anytime, from any location through the web-portal. These features offer environmental health officers a valuable source of information; emission levels can be checked without the need to be onsite to investigate complaints or concerns. All systems have the capability to send SMS and email alerts when set triggers are reached, saving time and recourses.

Our uncomplicated equipment is plug and play and can be purchased or hired for as little as £98 a week, making it flexible and affordable for all projects.

For more information, please visit www.campbell-associates.co.uk/NVD 

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