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Radic 8 - New Solution to UK Air Pollution

Radic 8 - New Solution to UK Air Pollution
Richard Greenwood
+44 1204 238823

New Solution to UK Air Pollution 

A technology company based in the North West of England have unveiled a new range of world leading air purifiers and sterilisers that effectively deal with harmful air pollution.

The Virus Killer range is a plug and play solution to deal with airborne pathogens, Sick Building Syndrome and is the only product on the market that can remove 99.95% of nitrogen dioxide. As Richard Greenwood, CEO of Radic8 Ltd explains, “traffic pollution in the UK is huge concern to parents who send their children to school near busy roads in cities, there are action groups popping up all over the place… we have a solution available right now that can not only protect those children, but by reducing teacher sick days and improving productivity, can actually save the school money.

Managers of offices might also be interested in exploring the cost benefits to installing Virus Killer technology. After trails, staff have noticed a reduction in the dreaded afternoon slump, lessened asthma symptoms and feel protected from catching every cold and flu virus that comes around. Radic8 can:

• Save your business money

• Protect your children, patients and staff

• Improve worker productivity

• Deal with Sick Building Syndrome, including mould, fungi and odours

Since 2012, the team at Radic8 has been bringing to market new technology to deal with the rapidly growing concerns surrounding indoor air quality (IAQ). The original product line of innovative air purifiers + sterilisers have been successfully adopted by many market sectors including home, hospitality, medical, industrial and office. As air pollution concerns hit the news ever more frequently, Radic8 is seeking business partners and distributors worldwide to join us and help promote and distribute these products to a fast-growing global market. www.radic8.com

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