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ANV helps sort the wheat from the chaff

ANV helps sort the wheat from the chaff
ANV Measurement Systems
Beaufort Court, 17 Roebuck Way, Milton Keynes, MK5 8HL, UK
+44 (0) 19 0864 2846

Why do ANV Measurements Systems, the UK distributors of Rion, produce separate noise nuisance recorders and noise nuisance analysers? The answer? One size does not fit all.

Local authorities and housing associations cannot provide a field officer to personally witness every alleged noise nuisance complaint. Investigations consistently find that a substantial proportion of complaints received by local authorities and housing associations are not valid. The noise nuisance recorder provides a quick, easy and cost-effective means of establishing whether a complainant has a credible case. Many of ANV’s customers refer to this as ‘sorting the wheat from the chaff’. As the nuisance recorder is really only a first step in determining whether a nuisance exists, some of ANV’s customers save £500 by using a Class 2 meter (the Rion NL-22) instead of the Class 1 Rion NL-32.

ANV Measurement Systems’ compact nuisance recorder is based on the Rion NL-32 (Class 1) or Rion NL-22 (Class 2) sound level meter. The meter continuously stores overall level data (in terms of all the standard noise indices) and audio is recorded to the instrument’s compact flash card (with a one-second pre-trigger) when the complainant presses either the start button on the wired handset or the button on the wireless remote. Longer pre-trigger times can be used to covertly catch complainants in the act of intimidation but this can raise concerns regarding privacy rights.

Ultimately an officer will have to personally witness the problem to make a professional judgement whether it is a nuisance. However, if a complex case would benefit from a more detailed analysis of the data (collection of octave and third octave bands in-situ and calibrated, instrumentation quality .wav files which can be used for post-processing) then the Rion NA-28-based noise nuisance analyser is the tool for the job.

Once measurement is completed, data is simply transferred to computer using a compact flash card, working in the same way a digital camera does. The Rion software is then used to quickly evaluate the results. Audio file icons are shown on the noise data graphs and clicking on the audio file icons launches playback.

With so many other nuisance recorders on the market what do ANV Measurement Systems claim as their unique selling points? The company says ease of use and reliability is a key factor, the handset with large buttons which illuminate to show when audio is being recorded and the wireless remote control – especially useful for infirm or disabled complainants – are strong selling points.

The outer ‘pilot’s case’ for discreet deployment has proved popular and, with data stored as comma delimited text files, users can work with the information within Excel –although the data can be retrieved from Rion instruments without specialist download leads or software.

Training in the use of the instruments is provided free of charge and the ANV Measurement Systems team pride themselves on the helpfulness and flexibility of their support.

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