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Noise Nuisance Recorder

Noise Nuisance Recorder
Cirrus Research
Acoustic House, Bridlington Road, Hunmanby, North Yorkshire, YO14 0PH, UK
+44 (0) 84 5230 2434

To facilitate councils’ investigations to help combat noisy neighbours, Cirrus Research has developed a noise nuisance recorder, the Trojan. Local authorities and housing associations now have a simple, accurate and ultra compact noise nuisance recorder at their disposal.

The Trojan comes with a whole host of benefits including:

  • The capability to store audio recordings from 30 seconds before the record button has been pressed, even if the noise has stopped. This allows short noises to be recorded successfully.
  • The instrument can be removed easily and used as a handheld sound level meter.
  • An added layer of automation on the equipment allows the Trojan to be set up quickly and easily; it is as simple as plugging in the microphone and plugging in the power supply.
  • It comes with a Class 1 real-time analyser which is suitable for other environmental noise measurements.
  • It has a large memory, up to 64GB, enabling it to last over long periods of time.
  • It allows the simultaneous measurement of all parameters ensuring no data is missed.
  • It provides the highest quality uncompressed audio for stronger evidence collection.
  • The case for the Trojan is only 30cm, substantially smaller in size to that of its competitors.
  • Provides an automatic re-start after power failure, thereby preventing data loss.
  • It is supplied in a backpack, allowing the officer who will install the Trojan to leave with the same backpack, so as not to arouse the suspicion of neighbours.
  • It is supplied with software NoiseTools, which includes new features such as calibrated audio playback. This software is provided licence free and comes complete with free lifetime updates.
  • The Trojan is designed, manufactured and calibrated in the United Kingdom.

James Tingay, Group Marketing Manager at Cirrus Research adds: “One of the major issues with other noise nuisance recorders currently on the market is that they can be complex to use and difficult to configure. With the Trojan, we’ve gone for simplicity over complexity. When the instrument is inside the small black box it is connected to an interface. When this is connected, the instrument recognises that it is plugged in and switches to noise nuisance mode. This configures the instrument automatically to give the functions and features needed, removing the need for any setup or configuration.”

The complete Trojan system starts from £4,495 which includes calibrator, software, and all accessories.

Formed in 1970, Cirrus Research plc is a leading expert in the creation and production of noise measurement instruments in the UK. Specialising in the design and production of noise measurement equipment, the latest scientific and technological developments are utilised to produce noise measurement instrumentation equipment to accurately measure noise and its impact. Manufactured in the UK, Cirrus Research noise measurement instruments are used in a wide range of different applications and across many different industries.

For further information on the Trojan please contact Cirrus Research on 0845 230 2434 or visit www.cirrus-trojan.co.uk 

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