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At Source QX Ltd
18 Eve Street LOUTH Lincolnshire LN11 0JJ
01507 604322


At Source QX Ltd is a privately owned Lincolnshire company who specialise in personally moulded hearing protection. We have created a solution to the problem of working in a constantly noisy background of machinery and manufacturing.

We offer you Protecthear and Speakhear

Protecthear is a personally moulded ear plug which is tailor made to the individual from medical grade silicon which has an acoustic filter incorporated in the plug this attenuates out background noise but lets the wearer hear shouted warnings/alarms and use the telephone without removing the ear plug.

Main Benefits are:-

• Have an expected life span of 5 years

• Can be vented or solid Vented 29 SNR Solid 31 SNR

• No maintenance as there are no moving parts

• The medical grade silicon is non porous therefore they are easy to keep clean

• They do not interfere with any other PPE that is being worn

Approved and tested at Salford University in accordance with
ISO BS EN352-2


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